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What is your character's full name? Nishijou Shiki
What is your characters height/weight? 4'10, and a nice average.
Can people jump your threads?: Of course ♥
How healthy is your character? Fit as a fiddle.
Any personal appearance quirks people should notice? Looks like a boy.
Can we hug your character?: Shore.
How about kissing?: Of course.
Even if they say 'No'?: Of course~
What about the dirty tango? ;} : Of. Cour-- this is a case-by-case sort of thing. Talk to me. She's like twelve
Can I fight your character?: Yes.
Can I punch/cause your character non-serious injuries?: Yes.
Can I stab/cut/cause your character serious injuries without them losing limbs?: Case-by-case, but likely to be yes. Please do ask first, though-- the worst I can do is say no ♥
What if they do lose limbs/get maimed?: See above.
Can I torture your character; Mentally or Physically?: Always!
If you're going to drop, can I kill your character?: Non.
Anything else?: Is actually a girl. Though things like the growth of breasts can be pretty slow even with puberty being fuckweird as it is for kids these days, she sounds like a girl and as such probably won't trap much of anyone.
Do you want your character to become aware of the supernatural plots in AMS? Sure, why not.
Do you want your character to become involved in the supernatural plots? Sure, why not?
[Out doing Tiniest Infowhore things, not at all expecting to see her zombielike friend out and about, and definitely not expecting her to admit she's been dead this whole time.]
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